Pigeon control in Windsor from a local company 

Pigeon control in Windsor from a local company 

Why has the Windsor and Eton area got such a pigeon problem? 
This area is not unique with a having a feral pigeon problem, these birds are incredibly intelligent and highly adaptable to change within their environment, which means that in the ever-changing urban environment the feral pigeon has become a super-species. 
It does not help that both Windsor and Eton lie on the banks of the River Thames where people congregate to feed the ducks and swans; there’s nothing wrong with this but feral pigeons are scavengers and will take every opportunity offered to them. 

Professional pigeon control throughout the Windsor area 

Pigeons adapted from wild rock dove’s through our efforts to domesticate them and use them as a source of food, we have encouraged these birds to live with us so it shouldn’t be a surprise that they are now a major pest. Feral pigeons, not wood pigeons are still used as a source of food, in fact in many countries like the USA, Italy, Egypt just to name a few, they are still bred for their meat and considered a delicacy. 
However, the feral pigeons that we see on the streets of Windsor aren’t fit for eating but they are comfortable living right up close with us; just observe the birds as they walk through crowds of shoppers, the birds are completely unafraid of their habit is to feed on just about any item that they find and this ability has enabled them to adapt their breeding cycles. Wild birds tend to breed in a set cycle around the availability of a food source, a good example of this is sparrows; they feed their chicks on aphids, so their breeding season is in the spring when these insects are in their abundance. 
The feral pigeon is nicknamed the flying rat and just like rats these birds are the ideal urban scavenger; they have altered their breeding cycle to reflect this and they will raise a brood all through the year if given two things. The first is a safe nesting site and the second is access to a plentiful supply of food, feral pigeons have become so successful in Windsor that they are now a major pest. 
A major pest and a serious health hazard, feral pigeons are on the DEFRA General License list for killing and the removal of their eggs, here at Pigeon Control UK we understand the nature of the birds and we prefer to use nonlethal means to control these birds. Our aim is to install a bird deterrent that takes away access to the birds roosting and nesting sites, when we do this we can control and interrupt the breeding cycle meaning that fewer birds are raised and the overall flock size diminishes. 
We provide a range of bird control services for Windsor and Eton covering both domestic and commercial customers throughout the area and given that we have over 18 years of experience in pest control we can guarantee to rid you of your pigeon problem. 
We are a local family run business based in Berkshire and we provide a range of services such as 
• Bird netting 
• Bird spiking 
• Post and rail bird systems 
• Solar panel proofing 
• Guano cleaning 
• Post infestation clearance 
• Balcony renovation 
Pigeons sat on a ledge
three pigeons perching on a building

Bird netting in Windsor and Eton 

Bird netting is the most versatile and effective way to manage any bird problem on just about any building, the correct installation of a bird net will completely void of an area and this can cover any size area.  
These nets are usually fitted to the structure using the natural contours of the building to form the frame, if you have an unusual area or a standalone item like a piece of roof top air conditioning plant, we can use metal framework to form a box and net over the top of that. 
When bird netting is installed correctly it does not cause any harm to the birds and it will last for over ten years, these nets are constructed from ultraviolet stabilised polypropylene and available in a range of different mesh sizes for larger and smaller birds. This means that we can provide a means of controlling any species of bird anywhere. 
Bird netting is often used for both domestic and commercial applications; the things it can be used for are areas like voiding off the open faces of balconies on flats, covering machinery and plant on roof tops and preventing birds from sitting underneath steelwork around loading bays, exterior staircases and fire escapes. 
Netting is so versatile that we can provide a solution for virtually any problem that you may have with birds roosting, nesting and perching. 

Pigeon proofing under solar panels in Windsor 

Feral pigeons aren’t just confined to living in our town and city centres, with the relatively recent introduction and now the widespread usage of roof top solar panel systems on domestic properties, these birds have quickly adapted to the potential nesting sites on offer beneath these panels. 
Solar panels are normally fitted to the south facing part of the roof, which will be warmer in winter when we have weak sunlight but staying cool in the summer when we get greater amounts of sunshine. The part of the panels that we see are held in place on a horizontal metal beams which make the perfect base for the pigeons to nest on; its common to find more than a single pair of pigeons nesting under one system. 
No matter where it is, the problem with pigeons nesting in one place will always be the same: pigeons droppings creating a mess all over the roof and over other surfaces like cars, patios and outdoor furniture. Further mess results from discarded feathers, old nesting material, empty eggshells and even the occasional dead bird. You will also be disturbed from the noise of the birds which starts at sunrise and goes on throughout the day until dusk. 
By far the biggest problem with pigeons is the amount of droppings they produce, this sticky toxic mess quickly builds up on surfaces, eventually clogging gutters and rainwater downpipes leading to flooding in heavy rain. The birds will also defecate all over the surface of the panels, lowering their overall efficiency and leading to additional expensive cleaning bills. 
It is possible to void off the space beneath the solar panels with wire mesh, metal railings or plastic railings preventing access by the pigeons and stopping them from nesting there. 

Bird spiking and post and rail systems in Windsor and Eton 

Bird spiking can be an effective form of bird control when used on ledges, roof parapets, and around decorative architrave on older buildings, there are many options with these types of bird deterrent, we can use rows of spikes or a continuous coil of sprung wire to prevent birds from resting. 
Birds spend a considerable amount of time keeping their feathers in good condition, preening, bathing and dusting are all ways in which birds maintain their plumage and with something as delicate as a feather they will not rest when they’re forced to rub up against an object. 
Spikes, metal coil or post and rail all prevent the birds from perching by partially filling a space, these systems are ideal for long runs like roof parapets but not so good when installed in smaller areas and especially so where there is overhead cover which pigeons especially like. 
We understand all species of birds and particularly pigeons, the demand for suitable nest sites is extremely high amongst pigeons and with their close association with mankind, spikes fitted in the wrong areas will often lead to greater problems. Feral pigeons are very intelligent, and they will simply drop debris such as rubbish, twigs and leaves into the crown of the spike, building up a platform. They defecate on top of this newly created platform, gluing the mass together and forming a nest – so the birds are now using the bird deterrent as an improved nesting site. 
We always carry out a site survey to identify the problem and the correct deterrent and we will advise you on the best course of control, spike systems work where the birds are merely resting. When the birds have started nesting in the area another course of action will be required, and we can advise you which would be the best. 

Pigeon guano cleaning in Windsor and Eton 

We often find that feral pigeons have got into the interior of buildings, this often happens because of a broken window or a seldom used door that has been left open. The problem of missing roof tiles are always another easy entry for these birds and once inside, they create a great deal of mess, by the time you realise that you have a pigeon problem, the birds have taken up residence and contaminated a large area of the building. 
Pigeon guano by its very nature is toxic and when conditions are right such as found in a dry environment, this organic mass dries out and can release harmful fungi spores into the atmosphere, along with that hazard, anyone walking or working in the area will be raising dust which carries a potential threat to our respiratory systems. This is a common scenario and one which is a serious hazard to health and safety and many contractors will refuse to work in these conditions. 
Our recommendation is that pigeon guano is cleaned up by professionals who are equipped with all the necessary equipment and personal protective clothing to work in a safe manner, here at Pigeon Control UK we have years of experience in working in these conditions and we can clean up after the birds whether it’s in the loft of a house or all over an industrial roof space

Pigeon control across the Windsor area from a local company 

Pigeon Control UK: we are a local family run business based locally that offers a wide range of pigeon control services as well as dealing with other species of birds that may cause a problem. As an independent family run business our aim is to deliver high quality bird control work at a reasonable cost and with traditional family at the core of what we do. 
If you have a pigeon problem and want to know how to go about resolving the issue, give us a call and a technician will carry out a site survey of your property; we can determine the correct course of action and our surveys are backed up with a no obligation quote. 
If you would like to get rid of your pigeon problem then speak to one of our technicians on 07479 247 365 or use the contact form via our website and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as we can. 

Get in touch. 

Get in touch. 

If you have need of pigeon control work and would like a no obligation quote from a local family run business give us a call
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