Pigeon control throughout Bracknell from a local company 

Pigeon control throughout Bracknell from a local company 

Why has Bracknell got such a pigeon problem? 
The town of Bracknell is not unique with a having a pigeon problem, as these birds are an highly intelligent and very adaptable species which means that in an ever-changing urban environment the feral pigeon has become a super-species and a common pest. 

Professional pigeon control for the Bracknell area 

Pigeons have adapted from their wild rock dove cousins because we once domesticated them and used them as a source of food, in fact in many countries like the USA, Italy, Egypt to name a few they are still bred for their meat and eaten as a delicacy. 
The feral pigeons that we see on the streets of Bracknell aren’t fit for eating but they certainly are happy enough living cheek by jowl with us; watch the birds as they walk through crowds of shoppers as they pass through Market Place, the birds are unafraid and certainly right at home with us. 
Because the birds are used to living alongside us and will feed on just about any item that they find they have adapted their breeding cycles; in the wild, birds tend to breed in a set cycle based on the availability of a food source. For example, sparrows feed their chicks on aphids so they breed in spring and may raise a second brood in the early summer while these insects are still plentiful. 
The feral pigeon is an urban scavenger and has adapted its breeding cycle and now they will raise a brood all year long if given two things: a safe nesting site and the plentiful supply of food, and this is where they become a pest as both of these things are present in Bracknell town centre. 
A pest and a serious health hazard, feral pigeons are on the general license list for killing and the removal of eggs, here at Pigeon Control UK we understand the nature of the birds and we use nonlethal means to control and move the birds from an area. If we remove the birds nesting sites, then we can control the breeding cycle meaning that fewer birds are raised and the overall flock size diminishes. 
We provide a range of bird control systems in Bracknell for both domestic and commercial customers and given that we have over 18 years of experience in pest control we can guarantee to rid you of your pigeon problem. 
We are a local family run business and we provide a range of services such as 
• Bird netting 
• Bird spiking 
• Post and rail bird systems 
• Solar panel proofing 
• Guano cleaning 
• Post infestation clearance 
• Balcony renovation 
Pigeons sat on a ledge
three pigeons perching on a building

Pigeon netting in Bracknell 

Bird netting is an extremely versatile and effective way to manage any bird problem, the installation of a bird net completely voids of an area and this can be as small or large as required.  
These nets are usually fitted to buildings, using the natural contours of the structure to form the frame, if you have an item like roof top air conditioning plant that stands alone we can use metal framework to form a box this and net over the top of that. 
When bird netting is used correctly it does not harm the birds and it lasts for over ten years, the nets are constructed in ultraviolet stabilised polypropylene and available in a range of mesh sizes for larger and smaller birds meaning that we can provide a control service anywhere for any species of bird. 
Bird netting is used for both domestic and commercial applications; voiding off balconies on flats, covering machinery and plant on roof tops and preventing birds from sitting on steelwork around loading bays, staircases and fire escapes to name but a few places that we install it. 
Netting can provide a solution for virtually any problem that you may have with birds roosting, nesting and even perching. 

Pigeon proofing under solar panels in Bracknell 

Feral pigeons aren’t just confined to living in the town centres, with the introduction and widespread usage of roof top solar panel systems we now find that these birds have quickly adapted to the potential nesting sites that are created with these panels. 
The panels will be fitted to the south facing part of the roof, so warm in winter when we have weak sunlight on our brighter days and cool in the summer when the sun blazes down (if its not raining that is). These panels are held in place on a horizontal metal beam which makes an ideal base for the pigeons’ nest; its common to find two or more pairs of pigeons nesting together. 
The problem with pigeons nesting in one place is always the same, a great deal of noise which starts at sunrise and goes on all day until dusk. The mess created from discarded feathers, old nesting material, empty eggshells and the occasional dead bird; pigeons suffer from a range of parasites and these cause a high rate of mortality in younger and older birds, meaning wherever there’s a roost that you’ll find dead birds. 
The biggest problem with pigeons is their droppings or guano; this sticky toxic mess quickly builds up, clogging gutters and downpipes leading to flooding and water ingress issues. The birds will defecate all over the panels as well lowering their overall efficiency and leading to expensive cleaning bills. 
We can void off the space under the solar panels with wire mesh, preventing the pigeons from getting underneath and nesting meaning that the flock will move off and leave you in peace. 

Bird spiking and post and rail systems in Bracknell 

Bird spiking is an effective form of bird control that is useful on ledges, parapets, and around decorative architrave on some older buildings, we can use either rows of spikes or a continuous coil of sprung wire to prevent birds from resting. 
Birds have to keep their feathers in good condition, preening, bathing and dusting are all ways in which birds maintain their plumage and with something as delicate as a feather they won’t rest when they’re rubbing up against an object. 
Spikes, coil or post and rail all prevent birds from perching by partially filling a space meaning that birds will not land and if they do they won’t be comfortable and so leave the area, these systems are great for long runs but not so good when installed in smaller areas and especially where there is overhead cover. 
We understand birds and particularly pigeons, the demand for suitable nest sites is huge and with their close association with mankind, incorrectly fitted spikes will lead to more problems. The feral pigeon is an intelligent bird, and they will simply drop debris such as rubbish, twigs and leaves into the crown of spikes and build up a platform. They defecate into this and glue the mass together and that’s a pigeon nest – so the birds are now using the deterrent as an improved nesting site. 
We always carry out a site survey and we can advise you on the best course of bird control, these systems work where the birds are merely resting, if they have nests in the area another course of action maybe required, and we can advise you which would be the best. 

Pigeon guano cleaning in Bracknell 

Pigeons can and will get into the interior of buildings, often through a broken window or a left open door. Missing roof tiles are always an easy entry for the birds and once inside they create a great deal of mess, by the time you realise that the birds have taken up residence it maybe too late. 
Pigeon guano by its very nature is toxic and when conditions are right and they allow this organic mass to dry out, then problems can arise through harmful dusts and fungus spores that maybe released when the material is cleaned up. 
We recommend that pigeon guano is cleaned up by professionals who are equipped with all the necessary equipment and personal protective clothing to work in a safe manner, here at Pigeon Control UK we have years of experience in working in these conditions and we can clean up after the birds whether its in the loft of a house or all over an industrial roof space. 

Pigeon control across the Bracknell area from a local pest control company 

Pigeon Control UK is a local family run business that offers a wide range of pigeon control services as well as dealing with other species of birds. As an independent family run business our aim is to deliver high quality pigeon control work at a reasonable cost and with traditional family at the core of what we do. 
If you live anywhere in the Bracknell area and you have a problem with pigeons we always carry out a free survey of your building, looking at the scale of the problem and we can make a range of recommendations for the control of these birds. Each one of our site surveys are backed up with a no obligation quote, so if you would like to get rid of your pigeon problem then speak to one of our technicians on 07479 247 365 or use the contact form via our website and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as we can. 

Get in touch. 

Get in touch. 

If you have need of pigeon control work and would like a no obligation quote from a local family run business give us a call
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