Pigeon control in Twyford from a local company 

Pigeon control in Twyford from a local company 

Pigeon Control UK, we are your local experts in delivering effective pigeon and bird control work in Twyford and throughout the County of Berkshire, we work all over the area in towns like Reading and Slough delivering high quality and reasonably priced pigeon control work for both domestic and commercial customers. 
With over 18 years’ experience in the pest control industry, we are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of bird control work, we are trained in Pest Management by the Royal Society of Public Health and we hold permits that allow us to use hydraulic access equipment. Here is a brief rundown of the different types of bird deterrent services that we can provide for you. 

Bird netting – the best method of deterring pigeons in Twyford. 

The use of bird netting is without doubt the best deterrent against any species of bird and not just our Number 1 pest - feral pigeons which are a major nuisance in Twyford. Netting is an extremely versatile form of bird control and can be used across many applications both for domestic and commercial customers. 
These nets can be installed in either the vertical or the horizontal position to void off just about any area and we install these nets to keep birds from both roosting and nesting on a site. Bird netting is frequently used in places like the underside of warehouse loading bays (a horizontal position) where the birds have the habit of sitting on the steel trusses, defecating down onto the workers and vehicles below. 
We also use bird netting to void off machinery like industrial roof top air conditioning plant that pigeons are nesting under, bird netting is so versatile that we can provide a solution for just about any bird problem. Bird netting can be used to build a standalone frame to encase machinery without the need for drilling into the structure. 
Bird nets come in various mesh sizes; for feral pigeons we use a size of mesh which is 50mm by 50mm and smaller squares are available for other types of bird control. These nets are British made and constructed from ultraviolet stabilised polypropylene, when these nets are installed correctly, they have a working life of over ten years. 

Pigeon proofing underneath solar panels in Twyford 

The feral pigeon was once used as a source of food, so these birds are semi-domesticated and combined with their intelligence and resourcefulness this means that these birds are unafraid of mankind and content to live right alongside us. 
The problems of pigeons living underneath solar panels is a new occurrence, and with a greater uptake of rooftop panels we will see the feral pigeon population continue to grow in urban areas. The space underneath solar panels have fast become a favorite site for feral pigeons to nest in. 
The positioning of solar panels on the south facing roof makes an ideal nesting habitat for feral pigeons as this is the warmest spot and sheltered from the worst of the weather. Pigeons seek nest sites that have overhead cover from the elements and some degree of protection from predators like hawks and falcons. 
We have two systems to chose from when voiding off solar panels; one of which is a simple wire mesh skirt that clips to the edge of the panels and the other is a metal fence that is glued or screwed into the surround. Neither system damages the panels but you should check the panels warranty before selecting a system as there are clauses in some installation warranties about attaching things to the panels. 
Voiding off the underside of the panels will prevent the flock from nesting, the constant noise from the birds, the discarded feathers and droppings will all cease, leaving you in peace and able to enjoy some quiet time, especially in the mornings. 

Bird spiking and bird posts – another form of bird control in Twyford 

A commonly used bird deterrent is the installation of spikes and posts to prevent birds from perching, all birds including the feral pigeon will rest on a ledge or a narrow sill and look for food opportunities below. The birds will start to inhabit favorite sites on a constant basis and so guano deposits build up, causing damage to the building and staining pavements and the face of the building. 
Bird droppings are highly acidic and this is especially applicable to the white splashes of uric acid that are deposited; this acid seeps into tiny cracks in the surface of the material it rests on whether its something like paint, metal or brick and erodes the interior gradually opening up fissures and cracks. 
The acid also leeches away salts and minerals affecting items like wood and concrete, there are long term hidden cost for building maintenance should a roosting flock of pigeons be allowed to stay on the building for any length of time. 
Bird spikes and post and rail systems are two ways of preventing birds from perching on a building; you’ll often see the post and rail being used on older buildings in Twyford as it has a low visual impact. Bird spiking is effective but only against a recent problem, where pigeons have been in residence for some time, the installation of spikes will not deter them as they will drop rubbish into the crown of spikes, effectively using the deterrent as an advantage and turning it into a nesting opportunity. 
We provide free surveys to determine what the best type of deterrent is most suitable and how this will be installed, bird spikes and posts are effective but only when installed in the correct environment and this is where our experience comes in when determining the correct method. 

Pigeon guano cleaning service in Twyford 

A colony of feral pigeons living inside your building make a lot of mess in a very short space of time, it’s not just the pigeon droppings we’re talking about, but you also have all of the birds nesting material, eggshells and even dead birds to contend with. 
All of this organic material is host to insects, bacteria, viruses and some harmful fungi; the mass becomes a toxic sludge which poses a serious threat to the health and safety of people living and working alongside of it. 
We offer a cleaning service for dealing with the aftermath of having a pigeon infestation, the problem maybe something as simple as a door left open to a lift motor room or a missing tile on a roof but once pigeons have been in, you’re certainly going to be left with a lot of mess to clear up. 
Our technicians are trained in the safety aspects at what is clearing up toxic waste and as licensed waste carriers we remove all this material along with any contaminated goods that you to get rid off and dispose of safely. 

Pigeon control throughout the Twyford area from a  local pest control company 

Pigeon Control UK is a local family run business that offers a wide range of pigeon control services as well as dealing with other species of birds. As an independent family run business our aim is to deliver high quality pigeon control work at a reasonable cost and with traditional family at the core of what we do. 
If you live in Twyford and you have a problem with pigeons we always carry out a free survey of your building, looking at the scale of the problem and we can make a range of recommendations for the control of these birds.  
Each one of our site surveys are backed up with a no obligation quote, so if you would like to get rid of your pigeon problem then speak to one of our technicians on 07479 247 365 or use the contact form via our website and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as we can. 

Get in touch. 

Get in touch. 

If you have need of pigeon control work and would like a no obligation quote from a local family run business give us a call
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