Pigeon control throughout the Slough area 

Pigeon control throughout the Slough area 

Here at Pigeon Control UK, we are local experts in delivering high quality pigeon and bird control work, we routinely provide our services right across the Slough and Langley areas working on behalf of both domestic and commercial customers.  
We have over 18 years’ experience in the pest control sector and we are highly trained in bird control work, with training and permits that allow us to use hydraulic access equipment. Here is a brief rundown of the different types of bird deterrent that we can provide for you. 

Bird net installation – the ultimate form of pigeon proofing in Slough and Langley 

Bird netting is the best deterrent against any species of bird and not just feral pigeons, these nets come in different mesh sizes; for feral pigeon control the size of each separate square is 50mm by 50mm and smaller squares are available for other types of bird.  
These nets are made from ultraviolet stabilised polypropylene and when installed correctly they have a working life of over ten years. 
Bird netting is an extremely versatile form of bird control and can be used in either a vertical position or in the horizontal, we install these nets to keep birds from both roosting and nesting on a site.  
We frequently install bird nets in places like the underside of warehouse loading bays (horizontal) where the birds sit on the steel beams, defecating down onto workers and vehicles below. We also install netting around industrial roof top air conditioning plant and because our we have a solution for just about any problem, we can build a standalone frame (vertical) to encase machinery without the need for drilling into the structure. 
We also supply and install bird nets across the open faces of balconies built on domestic flats, this keeps the pigeons away from your home and makes your environment clean and safe. 

Pigeon proofing under solar panels in Slough 

Pigeons roosting underneath solar panels is a fairly new problem, with the relatively recent introduction and now widespread uptake of roof top solar panels, pigeons have moved in and taken over shelter provided by the panels as one of their favorite nesting sites. 
Pigeons are an intelligent and resourceful species which were once domesticated as a source of food, because of this these birds are not afraid of us and they have quickly taken advantage of the huge numbers of solar panel systems and the available nesting sites. 
These panels make an ideal nesting habitat for feral pigeons and as they are likely to be fixed on the south facing side of the roof, they will be the warm and protected from the worst of the weather. When you combine weather protection and safety from predators such as hawks, these systems make the ideal place to rear their young. 
We can close off the void area underneath the panels in a number of ways; a steel mesh skirt can be fitted to the aluminum frame or we can attach a form of fence around the edge. The mesh is held in place with clips so no drilling or gluing is required, however not all panels can have this type of fitting. Some panels like the Hitachi systems have a rounded lip on the lower edge, so with these a metal picket fence can be fitted to the frame which is either glued on or screwed in. 
Whichever system you choose, neither one causing damage to the panels but they form a physical barrier preventing any pigeons from getting underneath the system, meaning no more pigeons, no more noise and no more mess. 

Bird spiking and bird posts - professional bird control in Slough 

Pigeons like all birds will perch on the edge of parapets and roof top coping stones, wherever you have large numbers of birds congregating together, you will get a lot of faeces deposited down the face of the building and onto the surfaces immediately below. The white splashes of bird poo that you see are in fact uric acid and these quickly penetrate the surface, eroding paintwork and even hard materials like concrete and steel. 
As well as being unsightly, bird droppings are slowly damaging the structure of the building; one way to prevent birds from perching is by installing rows of bird spikes or bird coil along the leading edges of any horizontal surfaces. 
If feral pigeons are on site and already nesting, spiking will not work as the birds will drop rubbish and twigs into the crown of the spikes, building a platform which they will then use to nest on. Bird spikes or coil are best installed as soon as you notice pigeons starting to perch on the site, as urban pigeon flocks are rapidly increasing in size this should be done straight away to prevent the flock from settling on the building. 
Bird spikes come in a range of cross sections from extra wide through to narrow, there are two types of spike: a plastic one and a stainless steel one. We only ever use stainless steel spikes as the plastic ones can break off rendering their installation useless. 

Pigeon guano cleaning service in Maidenhead 

Pigeons make a lot of mess in a very short space of time, it’s not just the pigeon droppings but you also have the birds nesting material that builds up as feral pigeons will pick up twigs, litter and just about anything they can to make their nest. All thinnest material is stuck together with bird droppings and the longer that nest is used, the greater the buildup of those droppings. 
Feral pigeons also shed their feathers and so the nesting site becomes littered with discarded feathers which will attract their own pests; carpet moths and carpet beetles all eat the remains of pigeons whether its feathers or even like a pigeon infestation in the loft can now result in carpets and clothing inside the house being attacked by these hungry insects. 
Part of a roosting or nesting pigeon problem is that some of the birds will die in the area and so you will get dead birds lying around and these will bring in bluebottles and other carrion flies. Blow flies lay their eggs on the dead birds body and when it’s time for the maggots to pupate they crawl off and look to travel down into the soil where it’s safe to start the pupation cycle. If you have dead pigeons in the loft this means that some of these maggots will find their way through electrical cable holes around light fittings and into the rooms below - often the bedrooms. 
The biggest problem with a pigeon infestation are the deposits of bird poo or guano, this matter will quickly buildup and it has a very unpleasant smell, when this rests on items like loft insulation or stored items, you will find that these are quickly contaminated by the toxic mass and rendered completely useless. 
Due to the high levels of humidity pigeon guano is extremely toxic, containing some very harmful bacteria and a fungus that grows inside the damp mass eventually releasing toxic spores into the atmosphere. Cleaning up pigeon guano is a service that we provide, and our technicians are trained and equipped with the protective equipment to enable them to do this safely. We carryout guano cleaning services in Slough and Langley for domestic and commercial customers. 

Pigeon control throughout Slough and Langley from a  local pest control company 

At Pigeon Control UK we offer a range a pigeon control services outlined here for both domestic and commercial customers not just in Slough and Langley but right across the region, we are based in Reading and we cover the whole of Berkshire and across the south east of England providing high quality pigeon control. 
If you have a pigeon problem, we can carry out a free survey of the site, make recommendations for the control of the birds and offer you a no obligation quote, if you would like to speak to one of our technicians regarding your pigeon problem then either give us a ring or contact us here. 

Get in touch. 

Get in touch. 

If you have need of pigeon control work and would like a no obligation quote from a local family run business give us a call
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