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Professional pigeon control throughout the South East 

Lupus is the Latin name given to the wolf and although you’d think it would be unlikely to see a wolf in London, we just happened to be working in Lupus Street in Pimlico where we were installing another pigeon net onto a balcony seven floors up that had fantastic views of Battersea Power Station and Westminster Abbey. As a deterrent pigeon netting is the best solution for keeping pigeons off a domestic balcony; in this situation the owner had attempted to fix plastic bird spikes all along the handrails and on the floor to deter the birds, and that hadn’t worked. 
She had done this in desperation, when she left for work in the morning the birds would build a nest, it would be removed in the evening and the next day a repeat, when she went away for a weekend, on her return she found that the pigeons had already laid eggs and was busy incubating them. Pigeon eggs take around 10 days to hatch and two small chicks called squabs are produced, these baby pigeons will stay in the nest for around 45 days at this time of year, so our customer found herself unable to use the balcony for two months whilst the family got on with things. 
As the weather starts to turn warmer, the outside space of any flat is a valuable commodity to the occupants, and she wanted her balcony back. The problem with pigeons on balconies is that before these two juvenile pigeons fledge the mother pigeon will have laid another two eggs and so the process is repeated, but this time you’ll have four of the birds living there instead of two. As adult pigeons produce around a kilogram of poo or guano each month, it doesn’t take long before the balcony is covered in bird droppings and now totally under the control of the birds. 
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Balcony netting and cleaning service 

We were asked to provide a secure net and to clean up all the mess left behind the birds and return the balcony back to the customer. We provide this service here in Reading and right across Berkshire and throughout the South East so for us this was an easy fix. 
The advantages of having a professionally fitted net is that spiking will nearly always fail on a balcony as there are some elements of top cover which gives protection from the wind and the rain and so this is an ideal nesting site for the feral pigeon, or, rock dove as the wild cousin is known as. A balcony replicates a wild rocky ledge which is the natural home of these birds and they simply drop rubbish into the rows of spikes, backfilling and building a base on which they will then nest. 
The main advantage is that we have years of expertise in providing pigeon control and any bird net needs to cover the area completely and should be tightly fitted so that any bird that inadvertently flies into the netting doesn’t end up wrapped in a lose section and thereby condemned to a slow death. Our nets have a neat finish, they do the job and where we use translucent material you get an easier finish to look at. 
No birds are harmed when we fit a net, we shoo the juveniles away from the area and get the installation in within an hour or two and then we get on with cleaning up. 
Our prices for netting are very competitive and the reason why we were bought into central London as we could offer a much better price than her local pest control companies, our job in Lupus Street and our prices certainly didn’t make her howl. 
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