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Guano cleaning in Reading 

Pigeons like to roost in town centre environments as there’s lots of opportunity for foraging and usually easy access to water, often these roosts will be in hidden locations where we rarely venture.  
Over time guano accumulations build up and on the off chance that people did visit the area from time to time, they quickly become put off from visiting due to the amount of waste matter lying on the ground. Before long the site is a total ‘no-go’ zone and its left to the resident flock of pigeons to move in and get on with breeding. 
At some stage things change, either contractors need to get into the area for essential maintenance; maybe the roof is leaking, or the property is looking at a major renovation and plans have been made for the site that sadly, do not include the pigeons, and so they need to be moved off the site, the guano cleaned away and netting put up to stop them from returning. 
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This is where we come in, cleaning up after a flock of pigeons is an everyday occurrence for us and so we’ve recently carried out two clean ups in Reading town centre; the first one was at The Great Expectations Hotel as its now going through a major refurbishment and the second in Broad Street where a change of use is planned from retail storage to residential flats. 
The first job was to get rid of pigeons that have been living in a small void area of the building’s perimeter; the owners want to remove a wall and turn this small space into a courtyard for guests and customers to use.  
We dug out around four inches of compressed guano, removed an old bicycle and some other assorted rubbish before installing a net to cover the area. Once the birds have been evicted from the site they will hang around for a period of time until they find new roost sites. 
picture of the site before work damaged netting
picture of the site after new netting
The second job was remarkably similar in that this was a small void area which has been neglected and taken over by a flock of birds, again we cleaned up and installed a net over the top of the void, no more pigeons and no more mess. 
We work all over the south, recently in West London and Oxford preventing pigeons from nesting on buildings and cleaning up the mess they make, allowing our customers to get on with their business in a safe manner. 
dirty site clean site
old net
New net
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