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Effective bird netting from a professional 

The advantage of using a professional over having a go yourself. 
Most people and I include myself as a master bodger, will have a go at various DIY projects around the house and that’s great; for one you don’t know your capabilities until you try so it’s good to stretch yourself, and then one successfully completed project gives you the confidence to move on and go for something a bit harder or a bit more adventurous. 
We often see this DIY mind frame being applied at attempting to form some sort of pigeon control on and around domestic balconies, especially where people get fed up with the birds encroaching on their personal space, and even to the point where the birds have completely taken over the area, and the balcony becomes a no-go zone for the human inhabitants of the flat. 
When it comes to putting up an anti-bird net around a balcony there are three golden rules that must be followed; the first is that the net must be secure to the frame, secondly, the frame must be as tight across the opening and the third rule is that the entire open face must be covered. 
poorly fitted net
Successful anti-bird net installation 
Rule No 1 – if a net is loose across the open face of the balcony, then pigeons will find a way to get through and they’ll even use the net to provide them with more shelter, we build a wire frame to hang the net from and use special metal rings to secure each individual square of the net, giving you a secure perimeter to the area. 
Rule No 2 – when a net is held tight on the frame, any bird flying into the net will bounce off as there’s literally no give and it acts like the surface of a trampoline.  
If you leave loose folds of netting, the likelyhood is that the bird will entangle a wing or a leg in the nylon netting and then become trapped. If you aren’t around to free the bird it will starve to death and then you’re stuck with a dead bird tangled up in your netting – something which we always aim to avoid. 
Rule No 3 – if you leave any gaps, even gaps underneath wooden decking, then the birds will continue to access the balcony and you will have achieved nothing. The net needs to fully encompass the area that requires pigeon protection and that’s final. 
correctly fitted net
We are specialists in bird netting and because we have years of experience along with a massive range of fittings and brackets, we are able to build a net just about anywhere. If you have pigeons and you want them gone in a humane way, then get in touch and we can give you a completely free, no obligation quote. 
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