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Pigeon problems in Reading? We have the solution. 

The biggest bird pest in the Reading area, is without doubt the feral pigeon, these are clever and highly adaptable birds which can be at its most inventive when looking for suitable nesting sites. Because of the high pigeon population, there is a lot of competition for existing sites and so the birds are always on the look-out for a new opportunity. 
We find that just a two-week holiday away from a residential flat is a big enough space of time for the birds to move in, build their nest and have begun laying eggs. Likewise, a long bank holiday weekend and they will have moved into a commercial site, roosting on overhead ledges and leaving piles of guano all around the building entrance. 
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Pigeon solutions across the Reading area 

Placing bird spiking can be an effective solution to the problem of perching when done on all ledges, the best roosting sites will have some form of overhead cover to keep the birds out of the wind and rain and this is typically the design around commercial building receptions. 
Loading bays are also constructed the same way and give similar protection from the elements; pigeons are large birds and they will build open flat nests where the support beams cross, the canopy of these bays offers year round protection from rain, snow and wind. When installing spikes, the smallest gap between them will be exploited and immediately a nest will be built so the spiking has to be precise. 
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Effective bird control in Reading from a local company. 

Effective pigeon control is all about providing the most suitable resolution to the problem and we believe that there is a solution for every circumstance and one of the best ways to stop pigeons from nesting or roosting is through the installation of netting. 
With the introduction of bird netting, we can completely seal off any area and stop all attempts at nesting or roosting; we don’t hurt or kill the birds when installing netting, the installation is enough in itself to barrier off the site meaning that the birds simply fly away. 
We use the natural shape of the building to create a frame for the net, this is attached to a steel wire and pulled taught, when a net is properly installed, the tension across the surface prevents birds from getting tangled up in the mesh. 
Our staff are trained to handle mobile elevated work platforms, known as MEWP’s or in simple terms – cherry pickers; when working at height, risk assessments are required and the safest means of access is required. 
This means that we can use ladders on some of the jobs that we do but we need to consider the length of the job, the risk and whether or not we can incorporate a safe system of work such as the use of a cherry picker. 
The best thing about using a MEWP is that they come in different formats and can give us reach to just about everywhere that we need to get to, meaning that the works are safe and this is something many of our commercial customers need. 
Cherry picker
cherry picker
cherry picker

Why is deterring the pigeons so important? 

Every business has to be safe; employers and managers have a duty of care to all of its workforce and any visitors that may come to its building; health and safety at work is enshrined in law and when you have something like pigeons roosting on your building, you may find yourself inadvertently at odds with the law. 
Pigeons will mess onto the area below their roost or nesting site, this matter quickly builds up and as well as being highly toxic, the layer of guano is incredibly slippery, meaning that walking across it becomes hazardous and people may fall over. We can’t overstate how toxic the mess is, as with an animal faeces it contains harmful bacteria and viruses , when this matter sits around air conditioning plant, you may find some material is being dragging into the building alongside clean air. 
Pigeon guano is highly acidic and it eats away at the materials that it sits on; stone, concrete and even things like paintwork and wood, so a build up of guano has a hidden cost implication for building managers. 
There is also the question of company image, is it professional to have a building that is covered in bird guano? The facts can’t be ignored, pigeons themselves carry disease and their droppings are especially harmful, these two aspects shouldn’t be ignored which is why pigeons should not be allowed to nest on buildings. 
bird guano
bird guano
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Professional pigeon control from a local company 

We provide a wide range of pigeon control services, from installing spiking to a more complete service like bird netting and we work right across the region. Our customer base is flexible too, one day we maybe resolving an issue where the birds are nesting beneath solar panels on a house and the next day installing nets on a commercial building. 
If you have a problem with pigeons then get in touch, we offer free site visits so we can determine the correct solution and we aim to provide a cost-effective service. 
Got a problem with pigeons? We have the solution. 
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