Pigeon proofing under solar panels 

Pigeon proofing under solar panels 

The problem of pigeons roosting beneath solar panels is quite new, with the introduction and widespread use of roof top solar panel arrays these intelligent and resourceful birds have quickly taken advantage of the huge numbers of systems and available nesting sites. 

Solar panel proofing in Reading 

Solar panels make an ideal habitat for pigeons, they tend to be fixed on the south facing side of roofs which will be the warmest place, there is overhead protection from predators and the panels will keep the worse of the wind and rain away. 
There are a number of ways in which we can seal off the void underneath the panels, the industry is bringing in new products all the time but the two main systems is to fit a steel mesh skirt with plastic clips to the aluminum frame. No drilling or gluing is required the mesh is held in place with the clips but not all panels will have the same cross section on the frame. Hitachi systems have a rounded lip so with these a metal picket fence can be fitted to the frame which is either glued or screwed in. 
Neither system damages the panels but they both create a physical barrier preventing pigeons from getting back underneath the system, once the birds have lost their roost they will move off. Until the birds discover a new site they may hang around, we've seen pigeons literally disappear overnight whilst other flocks have stayed for a couple of weeks. 

Contact us about pigeon proofing under solar panels. 

Contact us about pigeon proofing under solar panels. 

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