Pigeon guano cleaning 

Pigeon guano cleaning 

Pigeons make a lot of mess and this comes is several forms, firstly there's the nesting material, pigeons will pick up twigs, litter and just about anything they can to make a shallow flat nest. All this material is held together with droppings and the longer the nest is used the greater the build-up of droppings. 

Professional guano cleaning service - no more bird mess 

Feral pigeons also shed their feathers and so the roosting area becomes littered with down and feathers, these feathers attract their own pests in the form of carpet moths and carpet beetles. 
These two insects eat the chitin present in the feathers and something as simple as a pigeon infestation in the loft can now result in carpets and clothing being attacked by hungry insects. 
Another side effect of living with pigeons is that some of them will die in the roost and so you will get carcasses which in turn bring in bluebottles and other carrion flies. These flies lay their eggs on the dead bird and when it's time to pupate the maggots crawl of the body and look to travel down into the soil where its safe. In a loft this means that some of these will find their way through electrical cable holes such as light fittings. 
The main deposit is bird poo or guano, this quickly builds up and has an unpleasant smell, when it falls on items like loft insulation or stored items, these are quickly rendered useless and so we provide a waste removal and cleaning service for both domestic customers and commercial. Pigeon guano is hazardous and so we recommend that you leave this type of work to those with experience and all the right equipment. 

Contact us about pigeon guano cleaning. 

Contact us about pigeon guano cleaning. 

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