Bird Spiking & Bird Coil 

Bird Spiking & Bird Coil 

Pigeons will sit on the edge of parapets and coping stones, when large numbers of birds congregate together lot of faeces will get deposited down the face of the building, the white splashes that see are uric acid and these will quickly erode paintwork and hard materials like stone. 

Pigeon pest control and bird spiking service 

Apart from being unsightly the bird droppings are slowly causing damage to the structure; a way of combating perching birds is to install either a row of spikes or a length of coil along the leading edges of horizontal surfaces. 
This is best done as soon as you notice pigeons starting to come onto the site, pigeon flocks are increasing in size and numbers and for buildings that previously have not had any issues with the birds need to act quickly should a flock move onto the area. 
Bird spikes come in a variety of cross sections from extra wide through to narrow, there are two types of spike: a plastic one and a stainless steel one. We only ever use stainless steel as the plastic ones can break off rendering their installation useless. 
Bird coil is a new system, and this works the same way as spiking and is highly effective. 

Post & Wire 

Post & Wire 

Post and wire is another system used to prevent perching, a metal wire is tensioned and held in place by metal rods, this system is best used on the front face of older buildings that have a high degree of architectural detail. Many of the shops that you see in our high streets and town centers are old buildings with ornate finishes and these will be fitted with post and rail systems to prevent the birds from sitting and defecating all over the front of the building. 

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Contact us about bird spiking and coil. 

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