Bird Net Installation 

Bird Net Installation 

The installation of netting is by far the best deterrent against any species of birds and not just pigeons, these nets come in different mesh sizes; for pigeon control the size of each separate square is 50mm by 50mm. These nets are made from ultraviolet stabilised polypropylene and they have a working life of over ten years when correctly fitted. 

Professional pigeon netting installation service 

Bird netting can be used in a vertical position or horizontal, we install nets to keep birds from roosting in places like the underside of loading bays (horizontal), the birds sit on the steel trussing defecating onto workers and vehicles below. 
We also use netting to surround roof top air conditioning plant and because the industry has a solution for just about any problem, we can build a frame (vertical) to encase machinery that stands alone on a flat roof with the need for drilling. 
Our technicians will build a steel wire frame around the area that needs to be barriered off, the net is attached with metal staples and pulled taught. This means that we can cover just about any size area and as the nets come in three colours we can choose the colour to help the net blend into the background. 
Bird netting is highly efficient and extremely cost effective, the possibilities of use are endless and, in my view,, the best way to keep pigeons off a building. 

Contact us about bird net installation. 

Contact us about bird net installation. 

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